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Toxic Trump/Toxic Talk

by Linda Jenkinson

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear...

We are a strong people who have never been afraid of progress. We have no reason to fear others whether they look different than we do or believe differently than we do because we understand that it is our very differences that make us strong.

We certainly have no reason to fear our own government because our forefathers were brilliant enough to establish a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We are the government.

What we do need to fear is government by a misogynistic, xenophobic, demagogue who has absolutely no interest in bringing Americans together again. Donald Trump's idea of a strong America is one that is separated from our International allies and further divided against itself. It's a shame that he has not absorbed even a smidgen of the rhetoric of his party's founding father, Abraham Lincoln, who is noted for saying, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." This quote originally comes from the Gospels of both Matthew and Mark, i.e. the Bible that Trump purports to have read and to love.

What We Have Is a Failure to Communicate

Perhaps Trump's basic problem is that he is lacking in comprehension. This seems to be true to a degree wherein he is unable to clearly state his own points. There is far more and far too much of "Is that what he said?" and "This is what he meant" coming from Trump supporters, more explanations necessary for his words and his conduct than we have heard for any other previous candidate from any political party.

The other day his supporters worked to spin what he meant by his disrespectful comments towards a gold star family and what he meant by his rude comments about a crying baby. Yesterday they 'explained' what he meant by words that inferred that "the second amendment people" have an option to stop Hillary Clinton should she try to carry out her presidential duties. When and where does it end? Will it end before some crazy goes off half-cocked with a fully cocked weapon again?

We don't need a president that needs someone to explain what he is talking about. What we need is a president that understands we all are "second amendment people"; we ALL are The People.

What will happen when this man talks to foreign dignitaries that are not fluent in English? What about his comments that will NEED to be interpreted? In diplomatic discussions, he may not get a second and third and fourth chance to spin what he says in a different direction.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been crystal clear in explaining her platform and her future plans to the American public. Whether or not you agree with her, you have to admit that for the entire length of her campaign, none of her supporters nor her detractors have seen the need to explain what she meant by any of her statements. Moreover, she has experience in negotiating and communicating in the International diplomatic community. It seems our allies understand her clearly as do our adversaries. I'm not so sure the same is true for Trump.

It's time to quit worrying about personalities and start looking at principles and it is becoming clear that Donald Trump has none of the latter. His platform of lies, innuendo, and fear mongering is a recipe for sending this country to hell in a hand basket.

Donald Trump says he is your voice. Don't let him fool you. As an American citizen, your vote is and always has been your voice. Use it wisely.

At this point it is imperative for all Americans to bring every vote we can under the protective umbrella of the Democratic party. Although Hillary Clinton is presently leading in many national polls, don't count on pre-election polls to correctly forecast election results. Make plans to get out and VOTE BLUE. Encourage your family and friends to do the same.

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