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Travel Light

by Linda Jenkinson


We all have baggage. It’s cumbersome. It slows us down, it weighs us down, and it keeps us from going where we want to go. We worry about what we said, how we looked, and what other people thought about it. Baggage keeps us in the past and blocks the road to the future.

You can’t live in the past. Shut the door behind you. Travel light. Take with you only those things you have learned from the mistakes you have made. Those are your tools for the future.

Self actualization works. As long as you think you are a bad person, you have lost the path to success and happiness. Nobody is all bad or all good. In fact, no one is even mostly one or the other. The way to become a better person is to seek out your good points and build on them.

Do one thing that gives you a feeling of accomplishment every day. Read a book, clean a room, do a favor or a kindness for someone else. Help someone find an answer to their problem.

That way, although you might not see yourself as a good person, you won’t be able to argue with the fact that you are better person today than you were yesterday.

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