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Trump Trash

by Linda Jenkinson |

garbage dump

It's striking how similar what comes out of the back of a garbage truck is to what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth.

I started watching a movie called Trash today. I didn’t like it much so I didn’t finish it. But, during the part I did watch, a big garbage truck opened its back gate. I was struck by how the trash that tumbled out of it was so similar to the trash that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

The jaws open and the trash falls out. Today Trump dumped on women’s reproductive rights. In a town meeting with Chris Matthews, Donald Trump first said that abortion should be outlawed and women who have an abortion should be punished. He later tried to walk it back with the alternative statement that doctors should be punished for giving abortions. Either of these outrageous statements drags the pro-life/pro-choice issue to a new low.

If this was the only issue that Trump unloads on, it could be overlooked, but the truth is, it is just one of many. It’s crystal clear that there is only one way to put a lid on Trump’s unending flow of garbage. Keep America from getting buried in Trump Trash. Vote blue.

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