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America Under the Gun

Under the Gun

Up in Arms

Many of today’s gun owners are up in arms. They see a government that seeks to disarm its citizens and is willing to twist the facts and turn them inside out to accomplish its goal.

I understand about hunting. I live in a low-crime area where hunting is a part of the harvest. As well as curbing wildlife damage to crops and livestock, licensed hunters help keep over populations of wildlife from starving during the bitter winter months.

I also understand about collecting. I don’t collect guns, but I do collect Teddy bears. I have over 100. While I don’t have any “real” bears, I do have ceramic, wood, pewter, rubber, and stuffed (that is, plush stuffed). Sometimes I walk past a bear and I find it hard to not bring him home.

So along with the necessity, I “get” the fun of hunting/gathering as well as the satisfaction in accumulating mass quantities.

Common sense gun control isn’t disarmament.

Many, common sense gun control proponents are hunters and collectors. Like me, they just want some proof that gun owners know what their weapons should and should not be used for and that they are capable and mentally stable enough to use them properly.

If we can get common sense gun regulations done, there will be less danger of the necessity for the government to take extreme measures, but it’s clear that we can’t allow the mindless slaughters like Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and so many others to continue with absolutely no decent solution offered on either side of the debate.

We can’t allow our elected government officials to tell us that it’s not the “right time” to talk about common sense gun control. When it’s raining you can’t fix the hole in the roof. When it stops it seems unnecessary until your entire home becomes filled with rot and mold. The problem with guns is a legislative hole that needs to be fixed ASAP.

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