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The Ungapatchka Elephant

by Linda Jenkinson

ornate elephanat

Yiddish has a better word for ostentatious. It's "ungapatchka." As defined by the Urban Dictionary, it means "overly ornate, busy, ridiculously over-decorated, and garnished to the point of distaste." Ungapatchka fits the white elephant that will soon be occupying the Oval Office to a "T".

The point of distaste is clearly met by Trump's fear mongering through his vile plans for America.

  • Trump is going to start a Muslim registry.
  • Trump is going to repeal Obamacare.
  • Trump is going to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Trump is going to reverse Roe vs. Wade.
  • Trump is going to deport 11 million undocumented residents.

And the latest — Trump is going to make taxpayers pay for building his wall.

However, it is time we diverted our focus from the elephant in the room and paid attention to the real show stoppers, the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is Congress that has turned our government into a three-ring circus.

Trump will have a pen and as much power as Congress will let him wield with that pen. Yes, it is Congress that holds the power via the piggy bank. Instead of focusing our attention on what Donald Trump will or won't do, the media is making a big mistake in not directing our attention to who the two most powerful men in the country are. What Trump can and can't do will be largely due to the approval and support he gets from our two houses of Congress: Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Congress will not only approve or disapprove of Trump's Cabinet picks, but also his choices for present and/or future Supreme Court Justices as well as the support of any plans he puts forth.

If taxpayers are going to be coerced into paying for Trump's ridiculous wall, it will be because Congress opens up the purse strings. If women's health rights get trashed, it will be because of the continuing GOP war on a woman's rights to make her own choices. If Muslims are forced to register, it will be because Republicans, who have continually mouthed their allegiance to our constitution, choose to ignore our right to Religious Freedom. Donald Trump is not what we need to fear. We should fear those Republicans who put ideology over patriotism, party over country, and the corporate lobbyist dollar over the public trust.

Let's tell the media to quit clowning around with the Ungapatchka Elephant and insist they pay attention to the two Houses of Congress that will determine the direction this country takes in the future.

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