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Vote! But Before You Vote—

If you believe everything you read, you most likely believe that somewhere there is a Middle Earth, a Hogwarts, and a 100 Acre Woods where a bear is best friends with a pig. “What?” you say, that’s all fiction. Well, much of what we read comes from the imagination of the writer, no matter where we read it.

When I was growing up, our weekly newspaper was called “The Leader” but most folks called it “The Liar.” Their stories were so full of embroidered facts and exaggerations that the running joke was “wait until next week, the story will change.”

Unfortunately with the election coming up tomorrow, we can’t wait for next week to get at the truth about this year’s Congressional candidates. It’s clear that our elective process isn’t working. Instead of promoting their stand on the issues, Republican candidates are running wild with embroidered facts and exaggerations about their opponents, in the hope that you are gullible enough to believe everything you read.

Don’t be gullible. Take the time to look up your candidates’ websites and see if their plans coincide with your hopes for change in this country. Ignore the vitriol they spout against their opponents and look for positive positions that will result in the changes you want to see in our country’s government. If your candidates are incumbent, look up their records and see what they have done to advance your interests.

Something else you might have read is that the Republicans are shoe-ins to win control of both the House and the Senate. Well, that could happen if you stay home tomorrow. So, get out and vote blue.

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