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Where Are You Now

by Linda Jenkinson |

boys playing in a creek
photo credit: Sasin Tipchai

In Memory of Lance Paquette
September 5, 1975 - April 1, 1997

Where are you now?
Are you out on the farm in the old apple tree?
Or are you in the goat pen hiding from me?
Are you down at the creek catching some minnows?
Or are you giggling with glee as you swing from a willow?
I hear your sweet voice piping through the air,
But I can't see you anywhere.

Where are you now?
Are you in the big back yard playing hide and seek?
Are you out in the meadow? Was it only last week
No, last year, or 10 years …
How long ago has it been since I've seen you my love?
I don't know.

Where are you now?
Are you exploring the caves with Pat, Paul and Sam?
Or are you down at the river crossing the dam?
Are you up at the viaduct looking over the town.
Or are you up there in heaven—just looking around?
If you 're up there in heaven then,
My love, look down.

The magic and wonder are missing somehow.
My sweet dark eyed boy tell me.
Where are you now?

Tags: children, death, family, loss, poetry, spirituality

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