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Woman's Reproductive Rights:
Ain't Nobody's Business But Her Own

Pro choice is just a shorter phrase for "Mind Your Own Business." It is neither pro-life nor pro-abortion. It is as much about birth control as it is about deciding whether or not to end a pregnancy or continue one. Here's why:

Although humans are clear cutting mountains and rain forests that sustain the earth and either leaving them barren or replacing them with massive fields and plantations of crops and chemicals that pollute and deplete the earth around them…

Although humans are shutting out all other forms of life on the planet with the greed they display in erecting their massive rock and iron structures and asphalt jungles that absorb solar energy instead of reflecting it…

Although the earth is exponentially over populated and fast running out of the resources it needs to support its billions of humans…

World Births and Deaths, Simulated in Real-Time

It is still not up to anyone to decide how many children any woman has or when she has them. It isn't up to any other man or woman to say if a women has six children, she needs to abort the seventh.

If that is true, it is also true that it is not up to any man or woman to say if a woman already has one child, two, three, or even six children she cannot terminate a future pregnancy.

It is not up to any woman to tell another how she should or should not use birth control.

It is not up to any man to tell a woman how she must prevent giving birth just as it is not up to any woman to tell a man that he must use a condom or have a vasectomy or worse yet be castrated. How a person chooses to use or not to use birth control is nobody's business but theirs.

Pro-choice is much more than either pro-abortion or pro-life, for when government steps in to limit any human right, all other rights are at risk. Most important is that human rights do not get any more personal than the rights to control what we can and can not do with our own bodies. To take away that right, ultimately denies us access to any rights at all.

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