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The End of a Romance:
You Have Loved Me Well

by Linda Jenkinson |

Valentine hearts

You have loved me well, my love.
You have been the solid rock I clung to
As the waves pummeled o'er me
In the darkness of the storm.

You have loved me well, my love.
You have been the hearth to come home to,
The blanket that absorbs the chill
And keeps the body warm.

But the strongest storms will dissipate,
Sizzling fires soon abate,
The finest fabrics too, one day
Worn out, tattered and torn.

You have loved me well, my love.
But as the caged bird forgets to sing
And seeks the freedom to take wing
My spirit yearns to soar.

And you may find when I have gone
That 'though you've loved me well and long
That without me you will carry on
Even better than before.

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