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rose on poetry

Four Seasons

by Linda Jenkinson

four seasonal landscapes

Each season brings something new and fantastic.

Encounter With a Shadow

by Linda Jenkinson

shadow of youth

A poetic reflection on time and shadow.
As the sun shone bright behind me
The girl that I had been
Appeared in slender shadow
As I walked westward home.

False Alarm

by Linda Jenkinson

The intruder broke security
In the stillness of the dead of night.
The honking cacaphony
Alerted geese in Southern flight


by Linda Jenkinson


in the middle of the garden,
rooted deep within the soil,
in between robust flowers
sat this one who watched, waited
as the sun drenched them for hours.

Morning Moon-Light

by Linda Jenkinson

Morning Moon

In the early dawn hours,
As I looked to the sky
I saw the moon through the trees
Whispering good-bye.