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rose on poetry


by Linda Jenkinson

woman swimming under water

In the half-light of morning
She struggles to lift the dark curtain
From her eyes
Daylight muffled by a pillow of clouds …

The Anole

by Linda Jenkinson


The anole stopped and stared at me.
He didn’t seem afraid at all.
I turned my head and he was gone
His stare was just a stall.

On Waking

by Linda Jenkinson

On waking

I wish that at eight
It wasn't too late
For the poetry to rise to the top

Crumpled Words

by Linda Jenkinson

crumpled papers

Her tears held the page in place
A torrent of emotion obscured its face,
In words smeared and blurred
Their meaning lost.

Dark Dreams

by Linda Jenkinson

woman in the indigo of night

I don't live in the gray world
nor in the black and white.
I am neither a waif of dawn
nor an enchantress of twilight.