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rose on poetry


by Linda Jenkinson


to the summit i soar and my wings are clipped
i fall thrashing and spinning.
inevitable defeat.

Be Careful

by Linda Jenkinson

Wishing woman

Be careful what you wish for
For it could soon be yours
And once you have it in your hand
You may not want it anymore.

Where Are You Now

by Linda Jenkinson

boys playing in a creek

In Memory of Lance Paquette || September 5, 1975 - April 1, 1997
My sweet dark eyed boy tell me.
Where are you now?

Could It Be Spring?

by Linda Jenkinson

spring flowers

I heard the songbirds today
As the sun rose steadily over eastern rooftops


by Linda Jenkinson

Fantasy Waterfall

When the full moon smiles down on me,
Don’t tell me it’s just a bunch of craters on a lifeless clump of dust.
Let me have the man in the moon.