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rose on poetry

St. Patrick's

by Linda Jenkinson

St. Patrick

Shamrock in hand,
the three leaves fluttered as
Patrick explained the trinity.


by Linda Jenkinson

He twisted her and turned her round,
Led her deep into the maze.
Until she sensed no trace of home.
She circled, wandered in a daze

Is There a Word?

by Linda Jenkinson


Is there a way to pinpoint our feelings? Is there a word, a phrase, a song that will do the job?

You Have Loved Me Well

by Linda Jenkinson

Sunset of Love

Sometimes, even with the best of care, love fades and withers. Life sometimes stumbles in the way of love. Written in 1999, this poem tells that story .


by Linda Jenkinson

double date
starlit night
back seat
blackberry brandy.