Thanks for visiting is a fulltime freelance copywriting and editorial service that specializes in writing and editing web content for small businesses and web startups.

Back in 1999, when I began writing for the web, website content was a lot of text and a few graphics. Over the last decade, website content has undergone some radical changes. Today, in addition to text, a web page might hold a combination of several different types of web content such as:

  • Images: either digitally rendered or photographed.
  • Animations: from flash applications to embedded video.
  • Audio: e.g. music downloads and podcasts.

Yet, with all of the bells and whistles technology provides, many websites lack one crucial element: a sales person who can turn visitors into customers. That's where I come in. I'm Linda Jenkinson, the head (and only) copywriter at

A combination of education and experience lets me see your business through your visitor's eyes. I write web content that adds the personal touch, content that converts websites into sales portals and window shoppers into satisfied customers.

Professionally written web content saves you time and money. My expertise ensures that your web content addresses the reading habits and unique needs of your prospective customers as it frees up your time to use your expertise in running your business.

Whether you need copywriting that sells your products and services, articles or blog posts that keep things fresh and interesting, or an on-line press release to promote your news, I write content that connects your business with your market and brings new leads, sales, and results to your shopping cart, phone line, inbox, or directly to your door.

  • I use key phrases that help search engines list your web pages where your visitors easily find them.
  • I write web content that reassures your visitors that they have found the right place when they click to your website.
  • I create concise and informative descriptions of your products, your services, and your business that give your visitors the information they need to contact you or make a purchase.

In other words, I put the who, what, when, where, why, and how into your web content to make it easy as one-two-three for your website visitors to:

  1. Find Your Website
  2. Understand your products and/or services
  3. Click through your shopping cart or contact page.

And really… that's the bottom line, isn't it?