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Shrink Wrapped

bacon You know how bacon shrinks up when you cook it? Well, these days a lot of it shrinks before you even buy it. A pound of bacon is a real find. Some brands are packaged in quantities as small as 12 ounces.

Lifting the Nicotine Fog

I got sick last December, as sick as I can ever remember being.

I thought it was just a cold. I rarely get colds which is why I never thought smoking was really affecting me. Of course, I had that morning smoker’s cough—well several-times-a-day cough—but it was just like clearing my throat and was no real problem.

Midterms: It's All Over but the Shouting

presidential press conference

President Obama takes the blame for the Dems big losses last Tuesday. In an interview on Face the Nation last Sunday he said, “We have not been successful in going out there and letting people know what it is that we’re trying to do and why this is the right direction,” he said Sunday.”

Reviewed: Sorting Myself

Poetry by Sarahbeth Caplin. A collection of poems for every woman and any man who doesn't have a faint heart.

Sorting Myself cover photo

Sorting Myself is an excellent book of short poems. Sarahbeth Caplin looks candidly at questions that all of us ask which are often timeless in their no answer.

Her verse is mostly free form, but you glide along it effortlessly. You may not have walked in her many shoes, but you will be able to relate.

Vote! But Before You Vote--

If you believe everything you read, you most likely believe that somewhere there is a Middle Earth, a Hogwarts, and a 100 Acre Woods where a bear is best friends with a pig. “What?” you say, that’s all fiction. Well, much of what we read comes from the imagination of the writer, no matter where we read it.