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All Cleaned Up


"I feel like I work on my corner; somebody else works on theirs and eventually we'll get it all cleaned up." unknown

A while back I saw the quote above. It exactly fits my philosophy and while I couldn’t source it, I am grateful to whoever said it first.

I believe that environmental awareness starts at home. While our changing environment is a worldwide problem, most folks can do little to solve it on a global scale. Yet, if we break up the environment into smaller chunks, we can do something to change our personal environments: the quality of life in our homes and our cities. We can each take small steps that will result in an improvement. For instance, clean water.

Who Owns the Copyright

who owns the copyright

One of the questions new freelancers often ask is, "Who owns the copyright when the work is done?"

Keeping in mind that I am not a lawyer, here is my view on copyright ownership and transfers.

With a few exceptions, any intellectual property that can be put into a tangible form is copyrighted from the time of completion by its author or creator whether or not it contains a copyright notice.

Kick the Cans

kick the canHow many times have you seen phrases like "we can offer you", "we will develop" or "we have created" on a web site?

Verbs like can, will, and have take your web copy out of the present and either put it in the future or the past. Using future tense and past-tense phrases is one of the biggest mistakes copywriters make in writing web copy.

What to Write?

Sweaty Question Mark Creative writing is 99% inspiration and 1% motivation. Once you have inspiration it's almost a given that we will be motivated to write. The perspiration comes when we sweat over what to write. When we have an idea, that inspiration motivates us to put it to paper, or these days, to keyboard.

The Title Tag: What Is It?

The name "title tag" is really a misnomer. There is no such thing. Title is used in two different areas of html. One is the title element and the other is the the title attribute.