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Baby Boomer POV

Although I have a lot of interests, any expertise I have comes mostly from 65 years of life experience. So, in essence, what this blog is about is just one Baby Boomer’s POV (Point of View) on a range of subjects that I hope will engage your interest, your opinions, and your imaginations. This page is a summary of the most recent posts.

Grass Roots Gun Sense

too much going on in this world for us to hibernateAs the House Democrats held the floor of the House of Representatives during the sit-in for common sense gun legislation, I remembered the old slogan, "Power to the people." Until the sit-in, it seemed Americans were powerless to do anything about gun violence in this country. The sit-in gave us hope.

Your Personal Style Guide


When your fingers do the talking, sometimes they trip over your words and leave your ideas in shambles. That's why it's helpful to establish and use a personal style guide.

Gun Sense: We Need It

We need to send the right guyThe second amendment doesn't need appealing. We are hunter gatherers that need to hunt up and gather some gun sense.The second amendment needs to be revised and put into specific terms.

Pharma by Design: Designer Diseases and Drugs

Cannabis is illegal because it can treat cancer, PTSD, seizures,anxiety, glaucoma, and depression which means no money for pharmaceutical companies

While congress stalls on legalizing marijuana, big pharma continues to lead both consumers and the medical community down the garden path of designer diseases and their companion drugs. Like other crops that have suffered through corporate greed and mismanagement, putting the fate of Marijuana into the hands of big pharma will most likely hinder its progress more than help it. Because big pharma cannot claim development of marijuana, they have no promise of financial gain and therefore no reason to execute an unbiased and comprehensive study.

Satisfying Client Needs: The Client Questionnaire

Cartoon Write what you know. That's what they teach you in school, but in the world of professional copywriting you'll often be called upon to write content on subjects that are foreign to you.