Shyflower mission is to create safe, high-performance products that deliver visible results powered by natural ingredients and scientific formula. That is why you won’t find irritating parabens in our products, and use unique cold processing takes place at room temperature without any added heat or petrochemicals, which allows the active ingredients to remain fresh and highly potent as intended.


Leona has had experience in the cosmetics industry since the year 2002; this has allowed her to learn in depth about different skin conditions and how to specifically cater for each and every one of them.

She studied with engineers for years and concluded that products adopted Chinese herbal ingredients have the safest and most effective formula; On the basis of this findings, the special development weight loss and face serum products series have been appeared significant results, with simple usage and safe formula, which would be particularly valuable.

In order to help more people more beautiful, she established her own company in the 2011 year, named “Amarrie”, Chinese homonym for “loving beauty”. At the same time, the brand of “SHYFLOWER” was registered, it also has the meaning of “Chinese Herbals”. SHYFLOWER- best affordable skin care to inspire confidence and beauty!

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